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Dynamic Passwrod Generator


Nowadays, more and more people rely on the web for many day-to-day transactions that once required physical presence to be performed. These include e-banking and online shopping, which have become everyday activities along with online forum and social media participation.

However, as technology becomes more and more sophisticated, fraud related incidents also become more prevalent. These occurrences generate billions of dollars worth of losses and bring distress most especially to the banking sector. APG8201 PINhandy 1 OTP Generator addresses this problem.

APG8201 PINhandy 1 is a portable and cost-efficient handheld smart card device capable of managing Dynamic One-Time Passwords, Challenge-Response Authentication Codes, and Transaction Data Signing (PKI digital signatures). It uses a two-factor authentication process where the cardholder is required to insert an EMV card (something he has) into the device and enter a PIN code (something he knows) using the built-in PIN-pad. Verifying both the card and PIN code, APG8201 generates a one-time password that can only be used once for each online transaction. These steps allow the device to inhibit emerging man-in-the-middle attacks that aim to steal and use confidential information.

APG8201 PINhandy 1 supports both PC-linked and standalone modes, and has Secure PIN Entry (SPE) support to protect every PIN code from security attacks when the device is on PC-linked mode. A high quality and reliable device, it is compliant with major banking, computing and safety standards such as Mastercard® CAP and PLA, VISA DPA and EMV Level 1. Banks may now deliver APG8201 to individual customers in bulk/volume without the concern for sensitive data handling!

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