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Training and Seminars

Trainings & Seminars

Whether you're keen to develop or fine tune new and existing smart card applications to bring security to the next level, you're in the right place.

Welcome to BSD Infotech Training Center – your key to exploring smart card technologies! Through a combination of theoretical lectures and hands-on trainings, we will enable you to understand and appreciate various concepts and real world scenarios in the smart card industry. We are currently open for enrollment and we provide everything our trainees need, including comprehensive lectures in PowerPoint and an expert team of instructors.

Trainees will benefit from the quality of lectures we deliver, as well as the relevance and depth of instructional materials we provide.

This training includes the fundamental topics that will help one understand the more advanced concepts of smart card technology. It is recommended for business owners, application developers and operators  and other technical professionals who want to have a solid back ground in smart card technology concepts.

  • Smart Card Introduction - Overview on the the definition, functionalities and types of smart cards.
  • Contact Smart Card Technology Overview - Focuses on contact smart card technology, with a discussion on the ISO7816 standard.
  • Contactless Smart Card and NFC Technology Overview- Focuses on the contactless smart card and NFC technology, with a discussion on the ISO14443, ISO15693, and ISO18092 standards.  
  • Biometrics Technology Overview - Discussion of the different types of biometric technology, with more focus on fingerprint technology, as a means to authenticate identity.
  • Smart Card Standards - Discusses three important smart card standards, namely, PC/SC, CCID and EMV.
  • Introduction to Cryptography - Covers the fundamental concepts, goals and algorithms of Cryptography.
  • Electronic Purse Application Overview - Discusses business cases and considerations for smart card electronic purse applications.
  • Loyalty Application Overview - Discusses business cases and considerations for smart card loyalty applications

Advanced Smart Card Training

This training will involve an in-depth discussion of the Contact and Contactless Smart Card Technologies, complete with laboratory exercises. It is intended for technical professionals who want to learn the techniques in developing or polishing various smart card applications.

A. Contact Smart Card Technology

This session provides the participants with an in-depth understanding of the contact technology and cryptography.  Topics and hands-on tasks include:

  • Card Operating System (COS) Development Life Cycle Overview - Overview of different Card OS types and their suitability for different  applications, with discussion on ROM Mask, Flash, Java Card and Basic Card.
  • PC/SC - In depth discussion of PC/SC, including card security concepts such as PINs, and COS Features such as anti-tearing and data integrity.
  • ISO7816 - In depth discussion of  ISO Standards 7816-1 to ISO7816-4, with focus on the File System and Security.
  • ACOS 3 Demo and Laboratory Exercise - Discussion of the ACOS3 file system and security features, with a quick introduction on purse functionalities and a hands-on exercise.
  • ACOS 6 Demo and Laboratory Exercise - Discussion of ACOS6 functionalities, and the main difference between ACOS3, ACOS6 and ACOS6-SAM, with hands-on exercise.
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) - Part 1 includes the goals and basic operations of PKI, while Part 2 includes an in depth discussion of Cryptography and PKI, along with the role of Smart Cards in PKI, and Smart Card middleware.

B. Contactless Smart Card Technology

This session discusses the different concepts related to contactless technology. Topics and hands-on tasks include:

  • Introduction to Contactless Cards - Discussion about the basic concepts, benefits and applications of contactless card technology.
  • Identification Card Standard Review (ISO/IEC 14443) - A brief discussion of ISO/IEC 14443 standard.
  • Mifare Classic - Discussion of the Security, Memory Structure, Data Blocks, and Memory Operation of Mifare Classic.
  • Mifare Ultralight C - Discussion of the Security, Memory Structure, and Data blocks of Mifare Ultralight C.
  • PC/SC APIs - Discussion of the commonly used PC/SC APIs for Windows.
  • Mifare 1K and Mifare Ultralight C Demo and Laboratory Exercise - Hands-on exercises on developing contactless applications using Visual Studio 2008.

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