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Desktop Thermal Barcode Printer

TDP-225-Small Direct Thermal Label and Recept Printer With Big Features. Deliver high Speed 2-inch formats direct thermal labels and receipt that are crisp and clear. It's ideal for retail and other labelling applications.
Key Features
High QUality Double -walled clamshell design
Up to 127 mm (m") per second print speed
Serial and USB 2.0 Connectivity

PP-6900 Series Thermal Printer

TDP-225W-Direct Thermal Wristband Printer.
The Most cost effective simple to use solution for printing medical, government and entertainment wristbands.
Key Features
Designed to hold 6.5" OD Wristbands
Front LCD Display
Ethernet and USB 2.0 Connectivity

TDP-225W Direct Thermal Barcode Printer

TDP-244- Low Cost Direct Thermal Desktop Solution
Low cost entry level 4-inch-format direct thermal desktop printer delivers fast label throughput in a reliable double-wall clamshell design.
Key Features:
High Quality double walled clamshell design
Easy media loading
5" OD media capacity

TDP244 Loq Cost Desktop Thermal Printer

TDP-247 Series- Best-in-class direct thermal desktop printer.
World Class performance at a competitive price. The TDP-247 uses the best print heads, moors and power supploes in the industry to deliver the world's fastest, most reliable and long-lived direct thermal desktop Printer.
Key Features:
Up to 177.8 mm(7") per second print speed
Drop-in media loading
5" OD internal media supply, optional external media holder supports 8.4" OD label rolls on 1" or 3" cores

TDP-247 Series Thermal Printer

TTP-225 Series-2 Inch Thermal Transer Desktop Printer.
Small Space saving design uses industry standard ribbonds and media.
Key Features:
Small Size-space saving design
Easy media loading
Options include LCD display Keyboarrd cutter panel.

PP9900 Series AURA Printer

TTP-243 Pro Series-300 Meter Ribbon thermal Transfer Desktop Printer.
TSC's original TTP-243 series desktop printers earned a reputation as the toughest, most durable printer in its class. The TTP-243 Pro series incorporates the same features, pls brand-new state-of -the-art electronics, packing even more performance into an entry level platform.Low cost entry level 4-inch-format direct thermal desktop printer delivers fast label throughput in a reliable double-wall clamshell design.
Key Features:
Dual-motor printer engine
Ribbon Capacity up to 300m (984 feet)
Label capacity up to 214 mm (8.4") OD

TTP-243 Pro Series Thermal Printer

TTP-244 Plus-Value Line 300 Meter Ribbon Thermal Transfer Desktop
The TTP-244 Plus printer is the only enexpensive solution that offers 300 meter ribbon supply, a powerful processor, geneerous memory, iternal scalablel fonts and the world's most popular barcode printer language emulations in the one small pakage.
Key Feature:
Dual Motor gear-down design
300 meter ribbon supply on a 1" core (coated side out)
4.3" OD Internal media supply optional external media-un-winder supports 8.4" OD label rolls on 1" Cores.

TTP-244 Plus Value Line Thermal Printer

TA200 series-next Genetarion value line 300 Meter Ribbon thermal transfer Desktop.
TA200 series reinvents the definition of value for low cost desktop label printers. It features two durable gear-driven motors capable of handling large capacity 300 meter ribbongs and large rolls of media inside its sleek design.
Key Features:Dual Motor gear-driven design
5" OD internal media supply with an optional external medial holder supporting 8.4" OD label rolls on 3" cores
Print mechanism for kiosk applications

TA-200 Series Thermal Barcode Printer

TTP-245 C Series-the High Performance small Footprint thermal Transfer Desktop.
Durable reliable and fast the TTP-245C generates 4-inch-wide labels, tags or receipts at fast speeds, offering a price-performance combination that is unmatched by other desktop thermal barcode printers on the market. Uses industry standard ribbons on -half-inch notched cores.
Key Feature:
4 interfaces; Ethernet, USB, parallel, and serial
Rugged double wall construction
Use standard 0.5" notched core ribbons

TTP-245 Series High Performance Thermal Barcode Printer

TTP-247 series-The World's best thermal Transfer Desktop Printer
Based on TSC's dual motor design featuring 300 meter ribbon capacity, the TTP-247 Series desktop label printers deliver industrial printer type of performance in a desktop printer package. We use the better print heads, motors and power supplies than anyone in our industry to deliver the worlds fastest, most reliable and long-lived thermal transfer desktop printer.
Key Feature:
Uses 300 Meter ribbon
Dual-motor gear-driven design
Up to 177.8mm (7") per Second print speed

TTP-247 Series, The World Best Thermal  Printer

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