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RFID Animal Tag Reader

RFID Ear Tag

Injectable Tags

Pigeon Tags

BSD InfoTech is a prominent supplier of RFID Animal tags. RFID has proved to be more effective and efficient in the field of livestock management as traditional method of manual tracking, identification and data collection have proved quite out-dated and in-efficient especially in case of large herds. Using a unique numbered RFID tag provides a very efficient method of identifying animals and collecting data far more quickly. Each unique RFID tag can be linked to a database that includes that animal's specific information such as date of birth, inoculations, breeding specifics such as blood relation, and more. BSD InfoTech Animal ear tags are suitable for livestock lifecycle tracking, just like cattle's, pigs and sheep. Due to unique RFID tag, it is easy to keep a database regarding the origin, parentage and breed of the animal. . RFID tagging has now become a regular feature in modern farm management. We are reliable Rfid animal tags suppliers when there is a need for accurate tracking as well as record keeping of cross-border and nationwide trade of livestock. We manufacture Rfid animal tags in mass scale so that the increasing demand can be met immediately and cost of the products is kept down.

BSD InfoTech specialize in supplying an extensive line of RFID Tags, RFID Labels, Smart Card and RFID Readers, which are suitable for any smart application We pay a lot of emphasis in maintaining world class quality and thus are a reliable name in the industry for our RFID products and for the cost-effective animal tags. The dealers can contact us for supplying of the RFID products immediately to meet the rising demand from the clients across the livestock industry. You are assured of cost-effective Rfid animal tags products so that the clients have satisfaction of having high standards of the products for varied purposes. We offer RFID ANIMAL TAGS in various form factors ranging from Injectable Tags, Ear Tags, and Pigeon Tags which are available in various form factors and are available in both 125 kHz. and 134.2 kHz frequencies and in HITAG1; HITAG2; HITAG S; MAIFARE 1K; I-CODE (Read & Write) chip types depending on your requirement.


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