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The E-Purse Application

How Application Works

The Card Issuer issues the smart card by putting necessary information on it, such as the public keys of the Reload Terminal and POS Terminal, the private key of the card, the initial value of the balance and the PIN number.

The EPurse application contains operations which should be performed by the card, such as authenticating PIN number, increasing and decreasing balance on the card, and so on.

The Reload Terminal increases the balance on the card according to user input. When a user inserts a card in the reload terminal, a security protocol is performed by the card and the Reload Terminal in order to authenticate each other.

The POS terminal decreases the balance on the card according to the amount of purchase to be paid by the card. The same kind of security protocol performed in the Reload Terminal is also performed by the POS terminal in order to authenticate the card.

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