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Every School's mission is to provide a safe, tranquil and a secure environment to all students. One major challenge residential schools face is figuring out what must be done to ensure the students' safety while they are being chaperoned by the school and after the freshly issued guidelines by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for safe reopening, educational institutions across India are looking for breakthrough solutions to resolve their health.

Employee Verification Employee Verification

For Day Schools

Employee Attendance Employee Attendance

Residential Schools

Workforce Management Workforce Management

Crowd Management

DMIT Software DMIT Software

Cashless Payments


  • World class solution for school management.
  • Complete decision support system.
  • Extremely user-friendly.
  • Integrated structure-avoiding data redundancy.
  • Modular approach makes easy to add modules later.
  • It is flexible and customizable to suit individual school needs.
  • Single Database Server System-Easy to maintain and administer.
  • A pocket PC based attendance system.
  • It is scalable to incorporate Smart cards & RFID Tags.
  • Any time-Any where data availability through web for efficient Decision Making.
  • In-built Help Menu and printed User Manual.
  • Comprehensive student records management-From the time of registration till the time of student leaving the school.
  • Highest security at User Level, Module Level & Form Level.
  • Academic Performance Evaluation for Students Throughout Sessions.
  • Report designing tool which can generate reports as per user reuirements e.g. Progress Report Card Designe.
  • Exporting of various reports to MSWord, MSExcel, Acrobat, MSOutlook for mailing, sharing and processing.
  • Complete Financial Accounting/Inventory Management and Timetable Scheduler.
  • Integrated with latest technologies like Smart Card, Biometrics, Bar Code.
  • Scheduled-Automatic Back-up on Network/Sever.
  • Get rid of mundane clerical tasks like maintaining attendance register, calculating percentages of marks and attendance, etc.
  • Mark only absentees/late comers and let the software calculate monthly/term-wise/yearly attendance and attendance percentage.
  • By just putting marks/grades/remarks in the software get customized progress report card with marks/grades/marks & grades/remarks, class rank, attendance, etc.
  • Get all the real-time information from various departments online for data-driven decision making.
  • Control over resources and tools to ensure optimum utilization of resources.
  • Get all the information on the parent's grievances and redressal thereof.
  • No redundancy of work/data entry with centralized database system.
  • Manage the daily substitutions (timetable) efficiently and effectively.
  • By using latest technologies like Smart Card, Bio-metrics and SMS make your school a quick School.
  • Control over finances/inventories with authentications and approvals.
  • Get access to each and every information about your ward online-fees, library, activity, discipline, health, attendance, examination, etc.
  • Write to subject/class teacher directly for any counseling/ improvements.
  • Get every information about the school with live news, image gallery, downloads, achievements, etc.
  • Make payment of fees online or give standing instructions to get fee bill cleared from your account automatically. So no need of standing in ueues for depositing fees on fee counter or in bank.

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Between School & Government

  • Contact tracing will be much easier if someone gets infected
  • Makes co-ordination with institutions easy
  • Will integrate larger numbers of E.W.S into the school campuses


  • Can utilize fullest capacities under curtailed guidelines
  • Can utilize fullest capacities under curtailed guidelines
  • Can build need based/ flexible authorized groups at will


  • Fearless travel to and fro school in school buses-no need of private cars
  • On demand information on wards possible
  • Chaperoning bus boarding/de-boarding made perfectly safe


  • Able to enjoy community participation in a protected manner
  • Contactless registration of presence while away from home
  • No by-passing of security systems possible

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can this card be used as a cash card / Debit card at pathways campus ?

Yes. If you want you can use this card as a cash less payment system card. For this there will be a separate Point of Sale Application

2 Can this card be used as an attendance card ?

Yes. If student can touch this card to reader it can be used as an attendance card. By using combi card i.e. Smart card along with UHF card attendance can be punched automatically by installing gate readers at gate.

3Can this card be used to track a child ?

By using combi card and placing readers at various location of school a kid can be traced easily.

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