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Mifare Card

We are the premier providers of high quality MIFARE® cards in the Indian subcontinent. These contactless smart cards are ISO/ IEC 14443 compliant, operate on 13.56 MHz frequency. These smart cards have some memory to store data, which differs in different variety of these cards.

We offer all the variants of MIFARE® cards such as: MIFARE® Classic ,  MIFARE® Ultralight and MIFARE Ultralight®  EV1,  MIFARE® Ultralight C, MIFARE® DESFire® , MIFARE® DESFire EV1,  MIFARE® Plus and MIFARE® samAV2.

MIFARE® cards are used in various applications for the purpose of identification and authentication, some of which are: Access management, students’ smart ID cards, Loyalty cards, Micro payment, Event ticketing, parking management, membership cards, mobile ticketing etc

Mifare Card

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