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OUR System:-

There will be a PC at the reception which will have our software loaded in it, attached to the reader writer (Contact less reader writer.). When the customer comes in or goes out, we give him a card from your side, asking him few details like his demographic details, birthdates and anniversaries.

Which is stored in the software, we also give him some loyalty point for visiting us, we can also use this card as a debit card which can be used only at our restaurant or at our channel partners,

When we give these cards to our clients we need to initialize it, there will be a single button on the software which when clicked initializes the card and the details of the customer are saved in it.

There will be a thermal printer placed at the P.O.S terminal which will personalize the card by printing the name of the customer and his membership number and the validity date. These cards can be used for 10 years or 1000000 cycles which ever comes first.

So when ever the customer comes to us the next time we just have to put the card on the reader and we will know

1. His name and address
2. The date and time he visited us last time
3. What did he order last time?
4. What was the amount he spent last time]
5. What are his preferences? (E.g. the kind of food, the taste of his drink etc)

And any other thing that needs to be known about the customer.

An SMS facility can be attached with the application in order to send them messages about the new offers or discount coupons, universal discounts can be given o all the card holders for certain amount of person with a click of a button, messages on their birth dates and also on their anniversaries can be sent. Universal messages for diwali , new years can be sent by click of a button.

Note: The application of the software combined with the ability of card and the reader/writer can be used up to the maximum level , it is up to us as to what we want it to do, we just need to give orders it will do the job on its own.


The software does these following jobs:

1. Storing the data in the database that of the customer
2. Giving loyalty points
3. Getting reports, daily, weekly, monthly etc.
4. Reports of the total sale made, total visitors per day . to find out the time when the rush is a bit high so that more attention can be paid during that period,
5. Frequent visitors can be attended in a better manner.
6. Special events can be informed to all them at a single click of a button.
7. The software can be customized as and when required.

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