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RFID Labels / Inlays

E-Purse Application

We are a leading RFID label manufacturer in India. Our rugged, high quality, long lasting RFID ...


Gift Card

We are premier manufacturers and providers of high quality active/ passive RFID Cards used ...

RFID Jewellery Tags

Library Automation

Our small sized, UHF Jewellery tags are extremely popular in Jewellery inventory tracking....

RFID Wristbands

Event Management

RFID Wrist Tags are of great use in variousapplications. Depending on the specific...

Laundry-Garment Tags

Customised Software Development

RFID laundry tags are robust, water proof, and can withstand all environmental changes.....

RFID Animal Tags

RFID Animal Tags

RFID tags are very effective in tracking the cattle or other wild animals. They are widely ...

RFID Metal Tags

RFID Metal Tags

We manufacture rugged, high quality, long- lasting, best in class RFID metals ...

RFID Windshield Tags

RFID Windshield Tags

The RFID Windshield tag is a convenient and user-friendly tag that can be easily pasted/ placed ...

RFID Library Tags

RFID Library Tags

We provide high quality, rugged RFID tag labels with a lifetime guarantee. They are specially ...

RFID Solar PV Tags

RFID Solar PV Tags

The RFID based logistics management solution proposed by BSD Infotech offers a customizable ...

RFID Key Tags

RFID Key Tags

RFID key tags are one of the most preferred tags used in identification, authentication ...

RFID Active Tags

RFID Active Tags

Our RFID Active Tags are of high quality and long lasting. These tags have an in- built ...

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