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Visitor management system (VMS)

With changing security requirements world over, it is now necessary to engage with your Visitors. Visitors need to be identified, authenticated and authorized before they can enter within an organization. Their access needs to be controlled and governed. The visitor and visit information needs to be recorded and analyzed for future reference. Safety, training and policy guidelines should be validated before granting entry to Visitors.

VMS allows visitor registration, authentication & authorization, entry and exit recording and all the activities associated with Visitor Management. It is based on the best practices and policies defined and followed by reputed organizations.



  • Employee creates visitor appointment
  • Appointment request is authenticated as it goes through an approval workflow
  • SMS and Email alert is sent to visitor
  • On visitor arrival at Entry-point Security identifies the Visitor
  • Any additional details like photograph, vehicle details, material with visitor etc are captured
  • Employee / Host is informed about visitor arrival
  • Visitor pass (Visitor badge) is printed
  • Visitor Exit is recorded by scanning barcode or Mobile App on the visitor pass

Walk-in Visitor Authorization

  • Visitor arrives at Entry point without appointment
  • Security identifies Visitor
  • Authorization request is sent to employee/host and follows a pre-defined approval workflow
  • Once the request is authenticated, additional details like photograph, vehicle details, material with visitor etc are captured
  • Visitor pass is printed
  • Visitor Exit is recorded by scanning barcode on the visitor pass

Visitor Self-Registration

  • Visitor self registration is an efficient and collaborative approach that reduces manual data entry by security staff Visitors on arrival can self-register on a desktop or Mobile App.

Material with Visitor

  • Organizations may have policies where only authorized visitors and authorized material can be carried within the organization. Our visitor management system has all the features to manage material with visitors.
  • Material with the visitor can be carried in the facility based on authentication in a pre-defined workflow Unapproved and restricted material like Camera, mobile phone, weapons etc. can be left outside with safe-keeping with the security A token (receipt) can be printed and given to the visitor for the material kept for safe keeping Material can be returned to the visitors on their exit by verifying the token (receipt)

Visitor Group Check-in

  • Group check-in of visitors simplifies data entry effort
  • Personal details of all the visitors are captured
  • A single approval workflow authorizes the entire group
  • Each visitor is issued a separate visitor pass
  • Each entry exit is separately recorded

Visitor Messages, Alerts and exceptions

  • Visitor management software has pre-defined event-based templates for sending SMS and Email messages to visitors and hosts.
  • Appointment message (sms, email)
  • Welcome message (SMS, Email) to visitor
  • Visitor arrival message (SMS, Email) to host / employee

Visitor Reports, Dashboards and information display

  • All the required reports and visitor information dashboards for security, HR and admin requirements like
  • Dashboards for Expected visitors, Department and host-wise visitor distribution
  • Dashboards for Walk-in, pre-approved, single & multi-day visitors
  • Visitors by status - waiting, overstaying, not-approved etc.
  • Dashboard can be seen on PCs or projected on LCDs
  • Query based reports with multiple filters allows you to view precise reports
  • Possibility to generate user defined reports